You can generally find soup or a sandwich on every single restaurant menu across the country. But when you find a place where it hits right, you almost don't want to share the secret. Which is why there's a good chance you've never heard of a small neighborhood restaurant in Portland called The Local Press. People throughout the city love it but are reluctant to shout out from the rooftops in fear it becomes a destination. Yes, the soups and sandwiches are THAT good.

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What is The Local Press?

The Local Press opened their doors in 2012 at 276 Woodford Street in Portland and haven't looked back. It's actually a bit of an unconventional setup. On one side of the building, you have a take-out counter where you can grab some of their delicious food. On the other side, you have a legit sit-down restaurant fitted with a bar and beer on tap. It's two completely different ways to enjoy The Local Press.

What Should I Have At The Local Press?

Everything. It sounds like a joke but it's not. Depending on your tastes, there's a panini for everyone. Some of the options include the Beacon Street, which is turkey, avocado, local tomato, organic red onion, hot pepper relish, provolone and mayonnaise. Perhaps a vegetarian sandwich like the Islander is more your style. That features sauteed baby portobello mushroom, local goat cheese, organic red onion, baby spinach and provolone. Or live a little and try the Goodlife, a panini that consists of prosciutto, ham, fig jam, amish blue cheese, balsamic reduction, provolone.

But You Said There Was Soup...

Yes, the soup. It's a must. Don't go to The Local Press and not try the soup. They only offer one standard, The Rundown, which is a delicious Carribean-style chowder with root vegeatables, curry and coconut milk. They also have a constantly rotating "Soup of the Day" and no matter what it is, it's going to be dynamite.

When is The Local Press Open?

The Local Press is open Monday through Thursday from 11am-8pm. Friday and Saturday they are open 11am-9pm. They are currently closed on Sundays.

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