There are ice cream shops all across New England always look to push the boundaries of what you may be willing to try when it comes to new flavors. A couple of years ago, Lib's Dairy Treats in Portland, Maine made headlines by serving up a sour pickle flavored soft serve. It was a hit and people keep waiting for more. But it's not just Lib's finding ways to bend the mind when it comes to ice cream, a shop in Haverhill, Massachusetts paired a traditional ice cream sundae with something you'd never even imagine, Crab Rangoon's.

Shared on Facebook by Biggart Ice Cream, for a week in June, the shop served up an outside-the-box sundae as a special that featured a traditional vanilla soft serve topped with a Crab Rangoon and covered in whipped cream and duck sauce. The duck sauce took the place of chocolate sauce in the confines of what you'd expect a sundae to look like. Crazy concoction for sure but how did it taste?

Radu Bighian
Radu Bighian

The comments were surprisingly positive. Several commenters mentioned they were hesitant because the combination sounded so over the top and ridiculous that it couldn't possibly be good. Somehow the mix of the sweet ice cream and whipped cream matched with the saltiness of the Crab Rangoon and duck sauce ended up being a dynamite combination. Unfortunately, the sundae appears to be just a one-off special and not a continued menu item. Perhaps Biggart will change their mind on that choice.

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