Most Mainers have spent a lot of time in Wiscasset. For some, it's enjoying the shops and good food. For others, it's spent stuck in traffic.

Well, there's a new addition coming to "The Prettiest Village in Maine" that will make beer aficionados very happy.

The Wiscasset Marketplace across from Shaw's has long had a vacancy where Yellowfront Grocery once was located.

Now, according to The Lincoln County News, a Phippsburg couple has plans to open a brewery at the location.

Pepper Powers is the mastermind home brewer behind the project. While he's never run a brewery before it's not rocket science. And he would know, as he retired from a career with NASA, according to the newspaper.

Bath Ale Works (a play on General Dynamics Bath Iron Works) is slated to open this summer and will be the first brewery in Wiscasset.

Even though Bath Ale Works will be the only brewery in the town, there are a handful of unique breweries within driving distance such as Flight Deck Brewing, which is located at the old Naval Air Station in Brunswick inside a bullet-proof structure. There's also Oxbow in Newcastle, where if you blink you may miss the scenic brewery in the woods. Then there's newly opened Footbridge Brewery in beautiful Boothbay Harbor.

Realizing that Maine has grown into a beer lover's destination, Powers plans to set Bath Ale Works apart from other breweries.

The Lincoln County News reports that Powers and his team plans to educate their consumers by sharing knowledge of each beer and featuring informative signage and handouts. They also plan to have an open concept so guests can see the brewing process for themselves.

Powers along with friends and family involved in the project must first get their ducks in a row by getting various approvals from the Wiscasset Board of Selectman and apply for a federal brewing license.

Be sure to follow their progress on their Facebook page!

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