Honestly, everyone needs a best friendship like this. Not one that "ends" (and I say it like that, because you have to think that somehow, Christopher "Toph" Silver still holds a bond with his best friend, Thomas Greene, who unfortunately passed earlier this year) so tragically, but one that's so strong that you legit still feel motivation coming from your friend.

According to an article in SeacoastOnline.com, Toph just opened his own barbershop on Lafayette Road in Seabrook called TophCuts, and he's dedicated it to his buddy Tommy.

Sadly, Tommy died in a car accident on 495 in Salisbury back on January 13 of this year (I'll get to that in a second, because my mind has been blown reading up on this story) after losing control of his car, the news site stated. Toph and Tommy had plans to open a barbershop together once Tommy got back from living in Oklahoma (where he finished his diploma after attending Winnacunnet High School), according to SeacoastOnline.com.

The news site reported that Toph decided to carry out their plan in memory and tribute to Tommy, and even has a quote inspired by/dedicated to Tommy on the wall inside: "His dream still matters." There's also a huge mural picture of a hand holding a globe that says "Tommy's World" in the middle, the news story added.

TophCuts is now open at 563 Lafayette Road in Seabrook (Unit 4).

But here's the legit CRAZY part to me, and I don't mean to make any of this about me at all, but I believe in crazy coincidences (or that nothing is a coincidence, but part of the universe's plan). I mentioned earlier that Tommy lived in New Hampshire and went to WHS, but his home state was Oklahoma, and unfortunately he was killed in that crash on January 13. (Side note: I have chills writing this right now.)

January 14 of this year is when I became no longer an employee of the station I worked for in...Oklahoma. The day after Tommy's crash, the day a vigil was held for him -- that was the day I suddenly became able leave Oklahoma (Tommy's home state) and come back home to New Hampshire (MY home state), a place that I missed SO much.

I'm not saying one had ANYTHING to do with the other, but the timeline and the states just seems -- like I said, my mind is just blown with the timeline and locations.

All the love and positive vibes out to Tommy's family, and best of luck to Toph with the new shop.

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