A Good Samaritan, who wants to remain anonymous, bought lunch for 59 random strangers at Maple's Coffee Shop and Bakery in Yarmouth, Maine, according to USA Today. The restaurant owner, Robin Ray, told the paper that the man chose the number 59 in honor of the 59 people who were shot and killed at a country music festival in Las Vegas on October 1st.

Ray also would not won't reveal his name when pressed. She told USA Today that he is a longtime customer who is not wealthy. He just left his credit card number, and told her to charge it for the next 59 people who came into the bakery. She also said he went to Houston recently to help flood victims after Hurricane Harvey.

The 59 people who received a free meal also got an inspirational message:

"Your breakfast is going to be paid for to inspire you to do something kind for others."

Hopefully, those people paid it forward to others who did the same thing. After all, it's random acts of kindness that make the world go round.

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