It's been said many times and it's worth repeating, some people live their entire lives in Maine and never once see an actual moose in person. That may have been the case of several residents of Scarborough until Monday, when a moose decided to 'tour' the city, being spotted in several locations throughout the day.

Shared on Facebook by the Scarborough Maine Police Department, one of those places was at the Scarborough Municipal campus, where the moose enjoyed some up close and personal time with the basketball and tennis courts before finding themselves caught in the bleachers. But the municipal campus wasn't the only place the moose had been spotted throughout the day.

Some of those places included a trot-by of the Nordx parking lot. Perhaps the moose was checking if they offering some remote COVID testing. You can never be too sure. Several commenters on the Scarborough PD post mentioned spotting the moose throughout the day, including Cody Pelletier. Pelletier snapped several stunning photos of the moose and shared them on Facebook, including the close-up video above.

So what was the moose doing in Scarborough? There's generally two theories and both of them aren't going to make animal lovers happy. One is that the moose has gotten lost or disorientated from its normal habitat and it's search for food or water has brought it to a heavily populated and trafficked area. The second theory is that the moose is suffering, having been inundated with tick or black fly bites. Let's hope that isn't the case.

In this particular case, the Scarborough PD believed the moose was simply lost, and helped guide it back into the woods located behind the local ice rink.

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