It's not uncommon for Spring in New England to be a little erratic. Residents of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont and Rhode Island all understand and accept that one day in April could be sunny and 65 and the next is bitterly cold with a chance of snow. So if you're looking for a little consistency in the weather pattern, it may be coming as long range forecast models are showing the potential for a major heat wave, far sooner than New England normally sees one.

Shared on Twitter by Dave Epstein, the wave heat could reach its height in the first few days of May, where parts of Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Massachusetts would likely see temperatures in the upper 80's and low 90's. Parts of Maine could reach the upper 80's as well, with the coastline comfortably hitting the upper 70's as well. If it comes to fruition, those temperatures would be well-above normal for New England in early-May and could signal that the summer, which doesn't arrive until Sunday, June 20th, might be a very toasty one.

It won't be just the pure the heat wave either. Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, the end of April is also trending towards being far warmer than normal across New England. In the waning days of April, most of New England should see multiple days in a row of mid-to-upper 60 degree weather, with several places comfortably sitting in the 70's. Considering New England just got done with a Nor'easter a week ago, this would be a welcome shift for many. Cross your fingers, heat lovers.

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