Once in awhile when you scour YouTube, you'll come across something that stops you in your tracks...and this is one of those things. YouTube user AmericanStandardRules01 has filmed a series of videos going to various bathrooms from popular establishments in Portland and South Portland. Whether or not you think this idea is #1 or a strong #2, you do have to admit, it gets points for creativity.

The profile for AmericanStandardRules01 says "I'm a 12 year old who lives in Southern Maine and films toilets that I like, find interesting or think other people might find interesting. Even if a toilet is bad, if it's rare, I film it. With common stupid ones, like AS Maderas, Afwalls, Kohler Highcrest, Kingstons, I only film them if they have good flushes".

Here is just a taste of their YouTube channel:

An introspective look into Intermed's bathroom in Portland:


And this one from DSW in South Portland.


Here's a link to the YouTube channel where you can find all the videos posted. Oh, and have fun, because there's an extensive collection of them already.