To set the stage for the holidays, 94 HOM is playing Christmas music 24/7! We're Your Official Christmas Music Station. All the sounds of the season are playing on the air and online here at We hope you enjoy the magic of the music and the spirit of the holiday season, with 94 9 HOM!

Christmas music on HOM is annual tradition and this year is no exception. We're happy to spend the holiday season with you! Whether you're at home, work or in the  car, you can flip on HOM and hear your favorite Christmas songs playing around the clock. Listen live here!

It'll be an action packed holiday season and we're looking forward to sharing all the fun and excitement with you! Feel free to drop up a line and request your favorite Christmas song. You can listen live and request right here.

Here is one of our Christmas favorite songs, All I Want for Christmas is You. A duet with two of our favorite artists, Mariah Carey and Michael Buble!

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