On a list that seemed like it was starting out so slow and controlled that it wouldn't last long, more and more restaurants around New Hampshire are being added to the list of possible COVID-19 exposures.

According to the Union Leader, there are eight restaurants (mostly in Concord and Portsmouth) where COVID-positive people were contact traced back to those establishments, putting anyone near them at the specific locations on specific dates at risk of exposure. State officials from the Department of Health and Human Services are encouraging any customers of the following locations to monitor themselves for COVID symptoms (fever, cough, fatigue) and to get tested if they start showing any signs.

The Union Leader has provided this list of restaurants with info detailing when the exposure may have happened.

Concord Casino at the Draft Sports Bar and Grill - Concord: The Department of Health and Human Services told the Union Leader that a person who tested positive for COVID was at the Casino while potentially contagious on the night of Wednesday, October 14, mainly around the gaming table. In addition to the Casino section, there have also been additional positive tests confirmed from at least five customers of The Draft Sports Bar and Grill in general -- so, basically, DHHS is suggesting anyone who was there after Friday, October 9, should be on the lookout for symptoms.

Paddy's American Grille - Portsmouth: This is one of the latest locations I've heard about in the last few days -- the Union Leader is reporting that a person who tested positive for COVID was in the bar area at Paddy's between Monday, October 12 and Friday, October 16 (obviously with time away in between).

LaVista Italian Cuisine - Lincoln: This restaurant is actually at the Riverwalk Resort at Loon Mountain, but the moral of the story is someone who tested positive for COVID was said to be here during the afternoons and evenings of the weekend of Saturday, October 17 and Sunday, October 18, as well as the following Tuesday, October 20 and Thursday, October 22.

The Barley House Restaurant and Tavern - Concord: State health officials from the Department of Health and Human Services told the Union Leader that two people who tested positive for COVID were at this restaurant while possibly contagious, and anyone who has been there basically since Monday, October 12 should be self-monitoring for symptoms and react accordingly.

Daniel Street Tavern, Portsmouth: The Union Leader is reporting that four people who were in the bar area of D-Street Tavern tested positive for COVID, and were in said bar area on Friday, October 9 as well as Wednesday and Thursday, October 14 and 15.

The Goat Bar and Grill, Portsmouth: I feel like this might be the second time there's been possible exposure here, although I could be thinking of the Hampton location (this was a few months ago, anyway). Regardless, this time table is much more specific, with the Union Leader reporting a positive-testing customer was here on Thursday, October 15 between 8p and 10p.

Bantam Grill, Peterborough: Finally, the Union Leader is reporting that one person, but possibly more, who tested positive were here on Tuesday, October 13.

Obviously, this is a huge hit overall, for both the businesses who have to close down for the required time period and deep cleaning, but as well as for the customers who tested positive and could have exposed it to other customers while they were at the same place on the same day around the same time. Do NOT take these symptoms lightly and PLEASE make the appropriate moves if you feel symptoms start up.

And even if you weren't at any of these places in general, or weren't at this places during the days listed, keep being mindful and safe! We WILL get through this because that's just how we operate, but obviously COVID doesn't have any preferences and will go after any gender and any age at any time. Keep yourself safe and take the right precautions -- we'll make it through this together!

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