Man, I feel like New Hampshire is becoming the hot spot for celebrities to randomly pop up in. Think of everyone we've had randomly roll through in the last few years -- Justin Timberlake was seen at a local coffee shop, Dwayne Wade was in Wolfeboro, Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore popped up in the state (not together -- I'm not trying to start a scandal or anything. Although, it's kinda cool to think little ol' me could start a big celebrity scandal, but I digress) -- it's just become a go-to for celeb getaways!

This past weekend was one of those times we had a celebrity ghost hunter show up in the 603 for good reason -- to check out a haunt that has been named the scariest attraction in the country, as well as taking home the win a handful of years ago on the ABC special The Great Halloween Fright Fight. Nick Groff, from the Travel Channel show Ghost Adventures, got a private tour of Haunted Overload on DeMeritt Hill Farm in Lee on Saturday!

Credit: Troy Legault
Credit: Troy Legault

One of my buddies, Troy Legault, actually works at Haunted Overload and was the one that gave Nick the tour. Troy said Nick had actually hit up the owner of Haunted Overload earlier in the day hoping to take his kids through, and that they ended up talking about Ghost Adventures and Nick's more recent projects during the tour and that he was a "really cool, down to earth guy."

Honestly, you LOVE to hear that stuff about celebrities. There's that saying, "Don't ever meet your heroes" (or something close to that) because a lot of the time it can be a let-down or disappointing, but when you hear about celebrities acting like normal everyday people -- YES, MEET YOUR HEROES. What's the worst that can happen? They're rude and you have to find a new hero? No biggie!

By the way, with this weekend being Halloween, Troy said that they're expecting a huge turn out at Haunted Overload. Actually, he said that this has been their biggest year in probably the last handful that he's been working there, and they're "getting recognized all over the world now. People coming from all over. It's amazing."

Troy also said that if you're planning on checking Haunted Overload out either sometime this week or definitely this weekend on Halloween, to snag your tickets EARLY, because they sell out quick. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR TICKETS!

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