You wanted it and you got it! Another WHOM All-80's Weekend. Starting on Friday and going all the way through Sunday night, it's nothing but great music from the 1980s. I don't know about you but when I hear 80's music I STILL SEE THE VIDEOS of those songs in my head. I guess that's what I get for watching MTV 21 out of 24 hours every day in high school and college.

To get you ready for what will be an amaaaaazing weekend of music, WHOM proudly brings you 8 great videos the 80's.

1) Duran Duran-This song and video are SOOOO 80's. You can be sure we will playa TON of DD this weekend


I think this is the most-played video in MTV history. From one of the greatest albums of the 1980's..."SO" by the genius, Peter Gabriel.



Awwww. Don't you still see the video in your head when you hear this song on the radio?


This video from a-ha blew our minds with the live-action and animation working together. Try it in still blows your mind!



You can't have an 80's Weekend without a BUNCH of Madonna.  I bet we play over 10 different songs from the Material Girl this weekend!


Remember this one from Robert Palmer? We're still addicted to it!


Wow. I had not seen this one in a while and it's still incredibly hot. George knew what he was doing back in the 80's.


Of course. Thriller. The King of Pop. This video broke barriers on the radio and on MTV.


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