Did you know an early version of the band was called "Kara's Flowers"? Read on for more facts and find out how you can see them live!  Here's four more fun facts about one of your favorite HOM acts:

  • "Jane" from the title of the bands 2002 breakthrough release "Songs About Jane" was actually a girlfriend of lead singer Adam Levine
  • Back in 1997 when the band were calling themselves Kara's Flowers, they appeared in an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 (guilty pleasure show of mine)
  • The music video for their hit "She Will Be Loved" features actress Kelly Preston (wife of John Travolta)
  • In November 2013, People Magazine crowned Adam Levine "Sexiest Man Alive". Sorry Teddy McKay, maybe next time around.

Tune into 94.9 HOM to qualify to see Maroon 5 in Sunrise, Fla. Keep these weekday times handy: 9:20am, 2:20pm and 5:20pm. Make sure your cell phone is charged and that 1-800-228-1949 is on your speed dial. Good luck.

Here's a clip of then Kara's Flowers on Beverly Hills 90210:

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