Somedays you just need to run away from it all and take in some natural beauty. No matter what's got you down, these spots that are just a quick walk or drive from downtown Portland will heal your worries and calm your mind.

Mackworth Island

Venture out at low tide, take the wooden stairs down to the sandy beaches, and setup shop with a book. Or you could just gaze out over the water. Breathe in. Breathe out.


Spring Point Ledge Light

The rocky breakwater leading to the lighthouse in South Portland juts far enough out into Casco Bay to make you feel disconnected from the mainland. Lean against the light house for a shaded spot to reflect on life.


Maine State Pier

Maine State Pier not only boasts one of the best outdoor venues in Portland, Maine, it's also a great spot to watch the fishing vessels come and go. Two schooners are docked there, and there's something soothing about watching them rise and rock in the changing tides.


Eastern Promenade

Sunrise is the best time on the Eastern Promenade. You'll never see colors so stellar and vibrant as the first pinks and blues of the day. The Eastern Promenade is also a great place to unwind as the sun goes down. Bring a blanket and lay back on the grassy hill, while the world wakes up around you.

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