A few things let you know it's spring in Maine!

I don't know how you know it's spring in places like California or Florida when it's always nice (basically). But when spring hits Maine, there are unmistakable signs. All of them are so welcomed after we all suffered through what seems like endless days of being cold. Sure we haven't had the snow like we used to, but that cold sure does make an appearance. Remember back in February when pipes burst because it was record-breaking cold? I do.


But then the snow goes away. Even the giant mountains in parking lots can't resist the power of that spring sun in Maine. Things start to come out of their shell and the signs of spring pop out everywhere. Did we miss any? Is there something that is the sign for you? Of all of the following 25 signs, there are a few I LOVE and a couple I could do without. I love peepers and robins. I could do without the out-of-state license plates everywhere and black flies! Oh, how I hate black flies. My God, they are annoying. I never in my life experienced that joy until I moved to Maine. It's absolutely insane how persistent they are! I'm so grateful that it's only a spring thing and not a full-on summer thing too!

But they all point to spring which is summer's opening act...so I'll take them all. Even the black flies. So, which of these screams SPRING IN MAINE to you?

25 Signs That Spring is Definitely Here in Maine

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