I was looking back through some of my Facebook photos and found an album from six years ago of photos of Portland I took at the top of a parking garage.

At one point I started to get interested in photography. I wasn't very good at it I didn't think, but some people saw what I shot after I posted them on my Facebook page. To my surprise, people seemed to enjoy them.

Jeff Parsons - Townsquare Media
Jeff Parsons - Townsquare Media

This was in 2010, before smartphones weren't as powerful as they are today. The iPhone 4 was the popular phone and the Samsung Galaxy 1 was first released at the time I shot these photos with an actual digital camera with a zoom lens. Smartphone cameras back then still pretty much sucked.

That's not the case today and I can take amazing pictures with my smartphone, but it doesn't quite compare to having a real camera.

These 25 photos of downtown Portland were all taken from the roof of the One City Center parking garage 7 stories up. Things have changed a little in Portland since 2010, but it still looks like a typical spring day in Portland seen from the seventh floor.

I know a lot of you camera enthusiasts might curious about what kind of camera I used. I honestly don't remember, but I can say these photos are untouched by Photoshop and are presented just as the lens saw it, though at lower resolution because this is the internet, and not everyone has speeds that can handle large photo files.

Let's take a little trip back to 2010, shall we?

25 Photos of Downtown Portland, Maine in 2010 Taken From the Seventh Floor

In 2010, I went to the top floor of a parking garage to get these photos of Portland from above. Things have changed some since then.

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