Fame and fortune. A lot of us dream of it, and very few of us ever achieve it. That's especially true for people born in Maine. When someone from Maine becomes a celebrity, they typically become a household name. That isn't to say the state is filled with talentless individuals. A rise to true celebrity status just doesn't happen that often for those that are born here.

Stephen King Promotes "Under The Dome" At Wal-Mart
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Then again, if you do a little digging into just who was born in Maine, you'll likely be surprised as to how many superstars have come from humble beginnings. Some of Maine's smallest towns have been the birthplace of professional athletes, Hollywood stars, and pop culture icons.

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And it's not just the household names that everyone from Madawaska to York know about. Yes, Stephen King is from Maine, and we absolutely cherish him. There's very little doubt that nearly every woman in Maine would accept a date with Patrick Dempsey tomorrow. You would have to be a fool to not know Anna Kendrick is from Maine. But who else? There's quite a few more notable faces that have made their mark outside of Vacationland.

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