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When one thinks of a Maine-specific video game, not a whole lot comes to mind. Grand Theft Auto Maine would come to a halt on Route 1 thanks to the traffic. Maybe Maine could pull off a Farm Simulator-type game. Perhaps a lobster boat simulator? One likely wouldn’t immediately think of gameplay surrounding cats on an island. Well, that’s exactly what Peace Island is.

via Peace Island
via Peace Island

Welcome to Peace Island

This role-playing game (RPG) puts the player into the shoes, or fur, of cats. In fact, there are 9 different cats you can play as throughout the game.

Each cat is different and each one possesses different skills and abilities to help you in completing your missions around Peace Island.

Peace Island is a remote island in Maine. One day the cats wake up to find that all the humans are gone. Which, as a cat owner, I think my cat would be fine with.

The cats work together and must ultimately decide if the humans are worth bringing back.

The island is open play which means you and your furry four-legged self have a ton to explore. It’s totally immersive with realistic Maine island weather and explorable buildings that all serve a purpose to the gameplay. There’s no one way to play or complete the game either. In fact, there are at least three different possible endings.

via Peace Island
via Peace Island

Game Development

This is an indie game through and through. A side project by a couple of Mainers that began in 2017. The game is not done yet but people are welcome to take advantage of early access once available so they get real-time gameplay feedback on improvements. In this early version, you have access to three cats out of the nine. All but one section of the world is accessible. The developers anticipate the game will still take one to two more years to complete and during this time updates will be released.

To be among the first with early access find them on Steam here and add Peace Island to your wish list. More details on the game can be found on Steam, here on developer Eric Blumrichs's website, or on Peace Island's website here. If you would like to support Peace Island subscribe to their Patreon here.

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