Everyone in Northern New England is so happy about the fact that the warmer weather is finally here! It really is the best time of year for this region in terms of the weather...winter is behind us, and summer is on it's way. And around this time of the year, it's very easy to forget about the absolute worst part of warmer weather - insects. Specifically, those that bite. There's nothing worse than being eaten alive by a bunch of mosquitoes, and having to deal with the itching that follows for several days after.

Well according to Farmers' Almanac, this summer will be a particularly bad one for mosquitoes. Or should we say a great year for the mosquitoes, but a bad year for the people they will be biting!

Experts say that with all the wet weather in many parts of the country this spring, most of us can expect a bad year for mosquitoes.

But they also add that there could be a way to combat them - bats!

Rather than have (mosquitoes) ruin your outdoor activities this summer, why not invite beneficial bats to your backyard for chemical-free pest control?

More often than not, bats get a bad rap. People think of these little creatures as blood-sucking, flying rodents, and it’s quite undeserved. In fact, these night-flying mammals are gentle, do their best to avoid human contact, and actually have a lower incidence of rabies infection than other wild animals. They’re actually great garden companions because they are wonderful at controlling unwanted pests.

Bats freak me out. But if they help keep the mosquitoes under control, they'll be my new best friend this summer!


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