We live in a world of scammers and con artists. People who will try to do anything to sell you something that you think is of great value, but is useless junk. It mostly happens online when people see a picture of something they would love to have, but when it arrives it turns out to be nothing like they expected.

You'd have to be hiding in your basement for weeks with your radio, TV, and phone all unplugged to not know that Taylor Swift performed three shows at Gillette Stadium last weekend, all three sold out before they even went on sale to the public. But that's not the scam I'm talking about.

The Saturday night show at Gillette Stadium was in the middle of a torrential downpour that much of New England got. Just take a look at how green your grass is and you'll know it's gotten its fair share of water lately.

The show went on, even to the point where the crowd, the band, and Taylor were all drenched, but no one cared. Taylor's piano didn't quite make it through, but she improvised.

Someone, however, is taking advantage of that show and all that rain, knowing full well that Swifties are hardcore fans many of which will snatch up anything that has to do with her, even if it's in the most ridiculous of things you'd want to keep as a memory of the show.

Check this out:

Yep, that's right. Someone is selling small bottles of water that they are claiming is rain from that Saturday Taylor Swift show. Just $250 a bottle. What?!?

Please, I beg of you. Do NOT buy this junk. Even if it's the real deal, what in the world are you going to do with a jar of water? Then again, if you paid big money like most people did to get tickets to Taylor Swift's show at Gillette, what's another $250 for a jar of water?

Somedays I just don't know what the world is coming to.

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