If you have lived in Maine for any length of time, you have probably come to realize that many of the state's best restaurants are located off the beaten path.  Sometimes, they are WAY off the beaten path.

This is definitely true for the Central Maine brewery that you need to experience.


Sidereal Farm Brewery

Tucked away in the small Central Maine town of Vassalboro is the Sidereal Farm Brewery.  This place is a true hidden gem.  No, really.  If you are not familiar with Vassalboro, it is likely you could completely miss the place.

You'll find the place down a long driveway off Cross Hill Road.

Of course, as a brewery, the make and serve up several really creative (and creatively named) beers in several different styles.

There's Blanche de Cambrai, which is a hoppy beer whose style originated in the Nord Region of France.  They also have a Ghostbuster's themed beer called Crossing The Streams and a Star Wars themed beer called Hello There.  Check out the cans HERE to see what we mean.

The website describes the business as:

From the beginning, our intention was always to run an organic regenerative farm that creates a positive effect on our community and our land for those who come next. As we transition to the next phase of our vision for the land 11 years later, we see the farm and the brewery as one living, breathing organism that work together to deliver a responsible and truly regenerative beverage and food experience for consumers.

One of the real highlights of the brewery and tasting room is the attached restaurant.

Louis Hansel via Unsplash
Louis Hansel via Unsplash

The Maillard Kitchen

Kind of a casual spot that serves some gourmet farm-to-table food, we cannot really think of a better date night spot.

As is often the case with farm-to-table eateries, the menu is constantly changing.  Right now, the restaurant is open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  You can expect to see their menu posted on their Facebook page by Tuesday each week.

This week, for example, they are featuring fire baked eggplant, scallops (bathed in aged cheddar foam and served with locally grown edible marigolds), bison meatballs, and cashew chicken skewers.

Have you ever been here?  What was your experience like?  Let us know by sending us a message inside our app.

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