Remember when that couple gave away their quaint Maine Inn to the writer of the best Essay? Well it looks like my hometown movie theater is about to meet the same fate!

Growing up in Houlton I was extremely grateful for the Temple Movie Theater downtown, since the closest movie theater was an hour drive north to Presque Isle. With two screens the theater could only show two movies at a time, but they still managed to always show the latest blockbusters for a great price.

One of my best memories of the theater was in 6th grade. While working on a school assignment I got to go behind the screens of the theater, and there we found the most beautiful stage with boxes and boxes of books stacked up.

temple theater
Temple Theater Facebook Page

The Theater opened in 1919 and originally had box seats, balcony seating and a large proscenium stage. I have no idea if any famous people performed on that stage, but it broke my heart to see it hiding behind the movie screens. In the 1980's it was split up the middle and turned into dual screen theater.

After seeing the stage I always wished someone would reopened it as a live theater, or might find a way for it to be both. Obviously I am a huge supporter of the arts, and it seems so sad for something so beautiful to remain hidden away.

Even more sad however, would be if the theater disappeared completely. I'm not sure why the owners who live in Belfast are giving it away via this contest, but if you've ever dreamed of owning a movie theater this could be just the thing for you!


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