Spring is here and the signs are starting to bloom all around us. Birds are waking us up with their chirps, the lawns are turning green, and the peepers are coming out at night.

The biggest sign that spring has sprung in Bolyston, Massachusetts is when the botanic garden’s Field of Daffodils comes into bloom.

Field of Daffodils

Every year in late April, the New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill’s Field of Daffodils comes into bloom with a vibrant and colorful show of thousands of flowers. Various shades of yellows and thousands of bloomed flowers sprinkle across the garden creating a breathtaking landscape.

According to the garden info, the best time to visit the field is during the third week of April and the first week of May when the daffodils peak. The garden recently posted on Facebook showcasing the spring display and letting the public know they hope to see the peak bloom period around Earth Day which is on April 22.

New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill

Located in Bolyston, Mass, the Tower Hill garden is the headquarters of the Worcester County Horticulture Society. According to their website, the Society started in 1842 as a non-profit educational program to improve the practice of horticulture and purchased the Tower Hill Farm in 1986 for the community.

The Society has graced the community with flower shows and educational programs in Downtown Worcester for more than 150 years!!

The Botanic Garden boasts 17 distinct gardens on 171 acres, making it a lovely and divine way to escape the outside world. Wandering through their various gardens with hundreds of colors and plants and scenery is an ideal way to get away and step away from the stressful parts of life by spending the day completely immersed in nature.

I used to live in Miami and the city’s botanical garden was one of few ways to get away from the bustling streets and chaotic sounds and stresses of everyday life. Walking through a botanical garden is like transporting right into a children’s fairytale book.

The Tower Hill garden is open year-round and you can either become a member if you want to frequent their gardens and events or you can drop in for the day for $0-18 depending on your age. You can even bring your dog for 7 bucks!

The weather in New England is finally permitting days spent outdoors and this is one lovely way to do it!

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