If you've ever wanted to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune but have never tried out for the show or traveled to California to see a taping in person, the next best thing is coming to Portland. Wheel of Fortune Live is coming to Merril Auditorium in October.

Wheel of Fortune is the longest-running American game show in history behind The Price is Right. What's the secret to its success? Just like The Price is Right, it has a big "play along at home" factor to it. How many times have you watched knowing you can solve the puzzle, but the contestants can't seem to get it?

Now don't expect to see Pat Sajak or Vanna White at Wheel of Fortune Live, just like you won't see Drew Carey at The Price is Right Live, which will be at the Cross Insurance Arena on September 29. There's no way the hosts can travel across the country for these lives shows and do the actual show at the same time. There will likely be rotating hosts whose names you are familiar with.

This is the first time that Wheel of Fortune has toured the country with a live version. It seems likely that the promoter saw the success that The Price is Right Live has had since it launched in 2003.

There aren't any photos of what the set looks like yet, but expect it to look familiar, just a scaled-down version of what you see on TV, but with all the excitement of the show.

You will have to audition to be a contestant, but if you get called to play, the official website of Wheel of Fortune Live says that you can win a trip to Paris, Hawaii, or $10,000 in cash. People in the audience will also be randomly chosen to win cash and prizes.

Tickets are on sale now at Port Tix, but they are going fast so grab them while you can.

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