What do Southington, Connecticut lawmakers have against silly string? It is illegal unless it’s in the privacy of your home, according to the entertainment and travel website, Thrillist. Obviously, someone abused silly string in public somewhere along the line. Either that or Southington doesn't know how to have fun.

Here are some other strange laws you should know about:

If you're thinking about having a nice picnic in a cemetery and you live in New Hampshire, forget it. Thrillist tells us that many counties in NH have outlawed picnics in cemeteries. I wonder what exactly happened to create the necessity for this law. Was there a huge party with a seance where ghosts were getting drunk and writing graffiti on other head stones? I imagine the police had to be called… And, who the heck wants to picnic with dead people anyway?

Skate boyz (and girlz) beware: You cannot skateboard on the sidewalks in several Maine counties. However, the fine is only $10 in Biddeford, according to Thrillist. If your parents approve and can afford the small fee, do your thang. Skate boys will be boys.

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