I am a huge fan of the show M*A*S*H. Ever since I was a kid. And despite being the second to last episode of the entire series, they had a great one about burying a time capsule somewhere in the compound, with the hope that people would find it much later, like any time capsule.

There was a lot of kerfuffle between Hot Lips and Hawkeye about what should go in it. Naturally, Margaret thought it should be normal straightforward stuff, and Hawkeye was trying to be a bit more glib and funny. By the end, everybody found a way to honor both sides of the coin, like any good TV show.

Last year, 2020 was Maine's true bicentennial. But naturally, because of COVID, all celebrations and activities surrounding it were canceled. Parades, speeches, and events of all kinds were simply put on hold with the hopes that 2021 would help fix things a bit. Sure enough, here we are and talk has moved back to the bicentennial.

In that talk, the idea of a time capsule came about. Now, the Bicentennial Commission has started putting together a time capsule to commemorate our 200th year as a state. But they're looking for the public's input according to Fox ABC Maine. Sen. Bill Diamond of Windham said this to Fox:

We’d like to have some thoughts. We always find when we reach out to the citizens, we get some great responses, so we’d like to have them help us with that.

So what do you think should go in it? The deadline for getting your ideas in is Friday, August 13th at 5:00pm. If your ready to submit your idea, do it here at Maine200.org. There's also a list of things that are currently slated to go in it, so you might want to check that over before you submit.

Maine turning 200 is a big deal, and it's too bad we got kinda screwed out of celebrating it properly, at the right time. But like most pandemic related things, we'll just dust ourselves off, pick ourselves up by the bootstraps, and start getting back to living.

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