Experience adult-only or family-friendly fun for kids, including games, competitions, and traditional bouncy house enjoyment that feels like an enormous obstacle course.

It's "shoes off, party on" according to the world's biggest bounce house that's coming to the northeastern Boston suburbs at the Topsfield fairgrounds.  And yes, you read that correctly: adults only is also happening at what we usually think of as a kid's experience.  How fun is that?

The Big Bounce America via Facebook
The Big Bounce America via Facebook

According to The Big Bounce America, the highest point of the bounce house is 32 feet tall, while its entirety spans 16,000 square feet.  Once you take off your shoes and step inside, get ready for fantastically fun Instagram moments where you can enjoy one of the giant slides, bounce around in various ball pits, tackle some climbing towers, and play some basketball with various hoops waiting for your layup.  There's also oversized, lovable characters of various colors, shapes, and sizes that kids or adults can have some creative photos with, according to Big Bounce America.

Meanwhile, bouncing around with dance music is a must if you're going to have the world's biggest bounce house, don't you think?  So yes, there's a DJ not only playing music that fits the adult only sessions, but the family-friendly ones as well.

Okay, now to the logistics of The Big Bounce America, which is touring around the country.  It's totally Guinness-certified as being the largest bounce house in the world, spending a few days in each area. It's only at the Topsfield fairgrounds from June 17-25, so it's best to make reservations for sessions.  Just click here for tickets and info.

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