The deal was: If it snowed six inches or more on Christmas Day, customers who bought jewelry at Springer's Jewelers in Portsmouth, New Hampshire during the “qualified sales period” of the "Let It Snow" holiday promotion would get "up to $10,000" of their purchase for free, according to the rules on the store's website.

Here's what Springer's posted on its Facebook page, after the snow was officially measured by a third-party company, Weather Analytics LLC.:

4.3 inches... That's the final word Oh well! Maybe Springer's will continue this annual promotion next year, and people will have better luck.

Granted, some people are not happy with the outcome, as evidenced by some of the comments on Springer's Facebook page.

Here's the best comment we read from a customer who participated in the "Let It Snow" contest:

And this comment came from someone who mentions the store's good deeds and community involvement:

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