Some may say Wallethub's timing is terrible, with every thing that's going on in the world.

A new Wallethub study ranked 182 big cities in America from the happiest to the unhappiest. Guess who's not on the happy list? Not a single New England state… Why, you ask? We wanted to know, too. So, we checked Wallethub's methology for the "Happiest Cities In The U.S." The personal finance company based its rankings on 30 different key factors of happiness, such as rates of depression, employment and income growth, the number of hours worked, physical health, sleep, and divorce rates. Boston, Massachusetts is in the bottom 50 at number 51. Nashua, New Hampshire ranks at 58. Portland, Maine is number 63, and Manchester, NH is 71 on the list.

In case you are wondering, the top three happiest cities are Fremont, California, Plano, Texas and San Jose, CA in that order. The unhappiest city is Detroit, Michigan.

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