I was perusing the internet, specifically on Lewiston Rocks, which is a Facebook Group that I am a part of and a large discussion was being had. It caught my eye and I too became very intrigued with this question that was posed.

A commenter asked why is it that he has been in Maine for 12 years and has never seen a billboard? I agreed immediately.

I am originally from Pennsylvania and that state is one of the billboard capitols of the nation. With billboards on every major highway and roadway, they're literally everywhere.

I also remember my mother noticing this when we first moving here as well. Where are all the billboards?

Others were weighing in their thoughts as well saying,

They have been banned

Because they destroy the nature of the environment  Coming from a state with tons of them you aren't missing a thing

They did away with him years ago there's still one left in Lewiston on your way out to Lisbon it's on the left side of the road if you're heading out on the right side of the road if you coming to Lewiston it's one for a church

So I wondered if they truly are banned? According to Movia.Media,

Prior to the early 80s, Maine highways were littered with billboards promoting products like cigarettes and confectionary food. Following in Vermont's footsteps, the state saw that tourists were drawn to Maine because of its natural legacy so they decided to put a billboard ban of their own in place.

 Because of Maine's natural beauty and how this state has drawn people from all over the world to see the sites, billboards just don't make sense here. I agree.

Why fix something that isn't broken? Why add advertisements to a place that advertises through it's own beauty?

Further more, I found that Maine banned billboards in 1978 under the leadership of Governor James Longley, according to the Press Herald.

Who would ever want to ruin Maine's natural beauty with signage? I am happy about the ban of billboards and believe we don't need it. How about you?

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