Weddings are expensive. Recent data from shows that the national average cost of a wedding is $25,764! But did you know that weddings in New England are even pricier? Significantly more expensive, in fact. Here are the average costs of some New England states:

Maine: 36,600

New Hampshire: 33,700

Vermont: 35,400

Massachusetts: 39,100

Most couples start with a specific budget for their big day, but often times exceed it, because costs add up so quickly. There are so many things to consider - the venue, the catering, the photographer/videographer, the DJ, decorations, attire...the list goes on and on.

One thing you can do to make wedding planning much easier is to attend the Portland Wedding Show, happening this weekend at the Holiday Inn By The Bay! There will be vendors on hand to answer any questions you might have about any of their services. It's like one stop shopping for the planning of your big day! For more information on the Portland Wedding Show, click here.

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