I thought I was done growing...apparently not. Here's why.

I plan on running in a handful of races this year...some 5Ks, and the Beach2Beacon 10K in August. So I wanted to make sure I have a decent pair of running shoes for this spring and summer.

I went to Fleet Feet in Portland because I had heard from a few people that it was the place to go if you're serious about getting some good shoes.

When I got there, they took a look at the shape of my feet, analyzed how I walk, and measured my feet.

"It looks like you're about a 12...maybe 12 1/2."


All my adult life, I've known my shoe size to be about a 10 1/2...maybe 11. "This guy must be crazy, I thought." But it turns out he was right. I tried on several different pair of 12s, and they fit perfectly. So I asked him..."Do your feet grow with age?"

"Yes they do."

Turns out that even when the rest of your body is done growing, your feet continue to grow...because of gravity. The weight of your entire body pushing down on your feet will, over time, cause them to expand. Which explains why I'm now a size 12.

This blows my mind! At this rate, I'll be a size 14 by the time I sign up for AARP. And maybe a size 16 by the time I'm collecting social security!

By the way, I can't say enough good things about Matt and the rest of the crew over at Fleet Feet. They took great care of me...and in my new Asics, I feel like I'm walking on marshmallows!

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