Some people dread having a long commute into work. Others actually enjoy having that time in the car in the morning to mentally prepare for the day ahead, or to decompress on the way home.

Whether you like it or not, almost all of us have some sort of commute to and from work every day. So it's interesting to take a look at the cities and towns in Maine that have the longest and shortest average commute times.

The data, gathered by, gives us a good look at how much time the people of Maine are spending in their cars.

Number one on the list of fastest commute time goes to Presque Isle, averaging 12.2 minutes.

One might assume this means if you're living all the way up there (4 and a half miles north of Portland), you pretty much have to work close to home, unless you want to spend hours in the car every day.

Who has the longest commute in the state? Acton checks in with an average time of 36.2 minutes.

In the western part of the state, it seems like there aren't many employment opportunities in the town, which would explain why people that live there have to travel work for.

Check out the rest of the list below:

Maine's Best Commute Times
#1 - Presque Isle (12.2)
#2 - Rockland (12.4)
#3 - Eastport (13.2)
#4 - Houlton (15.4)
#5 - Boothbay Harbor (16.0)
Maine's Worst Commute Times
#1 - Acton (36.2)
#2 - Raymond (34.7)
#3 - Buckfield (33.9)
#4 - Sullivan (33.6)
#5 - Hiram (32.9)

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