While shopping for groceries, I stumbled upon a hidden gem in Portland. I never expected to find the best pizza I've ever tasted in a grocery store.

A friend and I ventured into a store called Micucci Italian Grocery on India Street in downtown Portland, looking for marinara sauce, linguini noodles and wine on Monday and discovered a slice of heaven in the back... a place where you can get ready-to-eat cheese pizza to go, or to eat there at one of the small tables. We were hungry, so we sat down for a bite. I just wanted a snack to hold me over until later. I wasn't expecting my Sicilian slab to be pure deliciousness. It was so yummy and filling. I love me some pizza, so I can usually eat two or three slices. Not this time.

The tomato sauce was unique -- very sweet and savory. The cheese was gooey and plentiful, just the way I like it. And the crustless bread... Oh my wow, WOW! It was soft and delectable.

The pizza was so incredible that I almost forgot what I came in for. I will have to go back for more!

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