With all the talk about Portland being a foodie's dream come true, it did not make WalletHub's Top 50 list of "2017 Best Foodie Cities In America." I'm shocked and appalled. The OTHER Portland did... Portland, Oregon is the second best foodie city. However, Portland, Maine was not in the top 50. I had to scroll all the way down to #73 to find our culinary mecca.

The only New England city to break into the Top 50 is Boston, Massachusetts. Beantown is #40 on the list.

Now, if you ignore the Top 100 and dig deeper, you'll find several New England places, such as Burlington, Vermont at 117, Manchester, NH at 134, and Worcester, MA at 146. I even found a few more NE towns much, much further down. By then, my eyes were getting blurry.

WalletHub’s analysts reportedly based their findings on "24 key indicators of foodie-friendliness." They looked at factors such as the cost of groceries, number of gourmet specialty food stores and coffee shops, along with affordability and accessibility of high-quality restaurants.

Here's the map of WalletHub's foodie heaven in case you want to start saving your money for a future food trip across America.

Source: WalletHub