At last, a list where New England is a lock to win.

“The Most Miserable Cities in the United States.” I love it. In fact, scrap “New England”; that should be our official name.

Based on new data from the United States Census Bureau, Business Insider put together a list of the 50 grumpiest towns in the land. The experts factored population change (departures), employment statistics, median household incomes, healthcare coverage, commute times and economic factors.

Oof. That means they didn’t even need to consider all of our beat-up roads and highways, or how poorly our largest city scored in a global study on traffic. Or, how depressed we all get having the sun set at 4 in the afternoon for no friggin’ reason.

Or the fact we’re so bored during our long, dark winters we’re actually entertained by a department store coming back from the dead to tweet, or that nobody can tell what the hell anybody is saying to each other.

Or that we’re home to the silliest, most overrated tourist attraction in the country. Or, one that – to put it nicely – has been described as ill-conceived.

So, it should come as no surprise to learn that on the list of 50 Most Miserable U.S. Cities, New England boasts…zero??

How can that be! We were robbed! And now we have to complain about being insulted about our complaining!

According to Business Insider, there were no New England cities that ranked among the most miserable. In fact, another website actually listed 12 New England cities on a list of the exact opposite.

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