When it comes to food choices at bbq's, we're different.

Of all the things I CRAVE about the 4th of July (besides visiting with family), it is the food!

You'll find me in the food line more than once filling up a plate that bends under the strain of all that yummy goodness. But according to a recent survey about 4th of July food preferences, I'm well, different than most of you.

You see, Delish published a Wal-Mart survey of people in all states, and Maine is only ONE of eleven states to prefer Hot Dogs to hamburgers.  That's right, HOT DOGS are preferred!


But WAIT, there's more.  When it comes to potato salad, Mainers prefer something else.  Only ONE of 14 states that prefer THIS to potato salad!  COLE SLAW!

Does this seem right to you?  Do you prefer a red hot dog to a fully loaded burger?

Tasty Beefburger

The good news?  There's more potato salad for me!

What's this world coming to?  What are your choices?

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