My go-to emoji seems to be the laughing with tears face, otherwise known as "tears of joy." AJ likes the one-eye-closed, happy emoji with its tongue hanging out, a.k.a. "crazy face."

I don't know anyone who doesn't use emojis when they text. Even before the official term was invented, people my age would make happy or sad faces with keyboard characters. That's right. Generation X invented the emoji.

People who have a lot of time on their hands and nothing more important to analyze came up with a list of the emojis that men and women like and don't like.

Women like:
Sassy Girl.
Smiling faces.
Heart eyes.
Tongue sticking out.
Monkey "See No Evil" and "Speak No Evil."

Women don't like:
Fist bump.
Flexed biceps.

Men like:
Okay fingers.
Upside down face.
Smirking face.
Relieved face.
Heart eyes.

Men don't like:
Engagement ring.
Crying face.
Pile of poo.
Vulcan salute.

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