York Police are looking for help in identifying a driver captured on a porch cam who pulled a quick U-turn. Police don't say where exactly this incident occurred, but the owners of the home where the camera is mounted I'm sure aren't very happy.

A driver in a maroon sedan suddenly slows down in front of the house and makes a U-turn at the entrance to a long driveway on the other side of the street from the cam, and starts to turn before going out of the picture.

When he re-enters, he is on the front lawn of the homeowners headed in the other direction and ends up taking out Halloween decorations before he gets back onto the road where he should be.

Lots of questions here are left unanswered. What was it that made this driver suddenly turn around? Was it the couch at the end of the driveway that they were interested in, but suddenly realized it wouldn't fit their needs and bolted out of there over the lawn? Do they just hate Halloween decorations? Do they have inspirations of being a stunt driver?

Regardless of whatever the person's intent, they made a DB move and need to be held accountable for it. If you have any information on who this person might be, let the York Police Department know. Call Officer Rogers at 207-363-4444 or leave an anonymous tip at seacoastcrimestoppers.com

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