Thoughts of time capsules take me back 6th grade when we put one together and buried it in a part of the school yard. I recall my contribution of a Bic pen & and an empty pack of juicy fruit gum. Considering that site is now a condo development I'm not sure where or when that time capsule will ever resurface.

A far more important time capsule is the State of Maine Bicentennial Time Capsule. According to the official State of Maine time capsule website, It will be placed in a custom wood cabinet with a custom star and nameplate that the state plans on sealing in formal presentation that will live at the Maine State Library.

The fun part is the state is looking for ideas on what should be included in this time capsule that represent Maine's 200 years of statehood.

Yes, you can make a suggestion as to what goes inside by CLICKING HERE. Keep in mind nothing bigger than a paperback book. It has to be either little or no cost and can not be perishable, flammable, liquid, or anything that could explode. Deadline for suggestions is August 13th, 2021.

After all the ideas are in, Mainers can vote to decide what the final items going into the time capsule will be later this fall.

Something else that is pretty cool, if you have share a birthday with the State of Maine, which is March 15th, you can participate in  being a "time capsule keeper" , CLICK HERE for more details on that.

The capsule will be sealed in an official public ceremony in December of this year and locked away for 99 years to be opened in 2120.

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