We are super excited that the HOM At Work Cash Bonus returns tomorrow! One of the best things about my job is calling people to tell them that they won something...especially cold hard cash. So what would YOU do with an extra $5,000? Now, I can't win...because I work here, and that just wouldn't be fair. However, there's nothing stopping me from doing a little daydreaming, and thinking about what I would do if someone handed me $5,000 free and clear. I've put some thought into it, and there are several different things that I would do with it.

My approach would be pretty simple actually. I would split it three ways. In case you're not a math wiz, that's about $1,666 that I would put into each of these three categories:

  • Savings/Retirement
  • Bills
  • Fun

So for the first category, I'd put some into my retirement account, my savings account, maybe buy some stocks or bonds, or just generally save it for a rainy day. The second category is pretty self explanatory. Like many other people, I have a few bills that I would really like to have paid off. The last one is my favorite - it would purely be to have fun. A night out on the town, dinner at a fancy place, a concert or sporting event, spoil my kids, spoil my fiancée.

What would YOU do with an extra $5,000? Let us know, with a comment on the Facebook post. And be sure to listen in the morning at 9:30 for your first of three chances tomorrow to win the cash! Get details on the contest here.

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