If you were about to eat your last meal and had to pick it from a New Hampshire restaurant menu, where would you go? What would you have?

Every restaurant has that one item. The one thing they are so well known for.

We're talking about food that's so good, you cannot think of the restaurant without thinking of the dish...and you cannot think about the dish without thinking of the restaurant.

You would likely take THAT item from THAT restaurant as your last meal, right?

Here is an example. In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, there is a restaurant called The Kitchen. It is a really good restaurant - cute, fun energy, funky, yummy.

Now, they have these ribs that are absolutely to die for. They were featured on Food Network, so clearly, they are legit. And they are.

See the Food Network feature below:

Whenever I think of ribs, I think of The Kitchen. Similarly, whenever I think of The Kitchen, I think of these ribs.

Here is another one: the Puritan Backroom's chicken tenders.

I am embarrassed to say that I have never had them.

I know, I know, how can I talk about something that I have never had? Well, I am not speaking from experience; however, when this question was posed, there was an overwhelming amount of responses that identified the Puritan Backroom's chicken tenders as the number one option.

They must be good. I will have to see for myself.

So, if you had one last meal in New Hampshire, what restaurant would you go to and what would the meal be?

Here's a list of the best single menu items that restaurants in New Hampshire are known for.

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