Following last Sunday's heartbreaking loss against the Titans, which sent the New England Patriots home for the season with no trip to the Super Bowl this year, fans were very vocal with their thoughts on the team's future. I noticed a lot of people in my social media feeds declaring it "the end of an era." Many fans believe that we've seen the last of the Patriots dynasty, led by Quarterback Tom Brady and Head Coach Bill Belicheck. A lot of fans are assuming that Brady will either retire, or go play for another team. So we asked our listeners what they thought, and quite a few people let us know:

Personally, my gut tells me that Tom will be back for another season. He's still in better shape than many guys twice his age. And he has incomparable drive, which is how he led the Pats to so many Super Bowl victories.

What do you think the future will hold, for Brady, and for the Patriots? Let us know, with a comment on the Facebook post!

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