GoogleTrends mapped the top "how to spell" searches from all the U.S. states for 2018, and here's what they came up with for New England:

For Maine, the most misspelled word is "Connecticut."

Interestingly enough, Connecticuters cannot spell "sincerely." Hopefuly, they can spell their own state.

New Hampshirites can't spell "subtle," according to GoogleTrends. It must be the pesky silent "b" that trips people up.

In Massachusetts, the word is "beautiful." I would think that most people have trouble spelling "Massachusetts." By the way, "beautiful" is the most common misspelled word in America. It was the number one googled word in 11 states.

Residents of Vermont have trouble with "solution."

Finally, in Rhode Island, the word is "dying."

Can you spell all of these words?

In case you are interested, here are last year's most misspelled words:

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