I always thought that when it came to hot dogs, the focus was the hot dog. But no: it appears that the bun has stolen the spotlight.

Case in point: a new list of the best hot dog buns in Major League Baseball by the website Rotowire. Rather than heap praise and brown mustard on a delicious Fenway Frank, a special nod was given to its breaded vessel:

"Step into Fenway Park, the historic home of the Boston Red Sox, and sink your teeth into the Fenway Frank, where the star of the show is the New England-style bun. This soft and slightly sweet bun perfectly cradles the juicy hot dog, elevating each bite with its unique texture and flavor. Indulging in a Fenway Frank is a true celebration of both the hot dog and its remarkable bun."

They’re not the first ones to zero in on bun fun here in New England. While reflecting on his days attending summer camp in New Hampshire, comedian Paul Reiser noted a distinct difference between hot dog rolls in the Granite State and those elsewhere:

“As a kid coming from New York, I remember being thrown that the hot dog rolls are square and flat. Somewhere between New York and New Hampshire, they made a decision that they won’t be round, but sort of flat on the edge.”

While the Red Sox have shown improvement, they’re still trying to dig their way out of the basement in the American League East. But they’ve been dominating when it comes to food.

Fenway also received recognition for having some of the best French fries in all of baseball (but with a special twist.)

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