I'll be the first person to admit that I watch football for all the wrong reasons. I like an excuse to eat wings, get together with my pals, and watch grown men in tight pants run around a field on Sundays.

Of course, my ears perked up yesterday when I heard that wide receiver Eric Decker signed a one year deal with our very own New England Patriots. Of course, I am a fan of Decker! I don't know much about his work on the field but I am no stranger to his reality show with his smoking hot wife, country singer Jessie James Decker.

Those two love each other something fierce! I hope Jessie makes it to Gilette to root on her hubby this year.

Eric Decker has been a bit of an NFL nomad according to ESPN, he has played for The Jets, The Broncos, and the Titans during his career. If the other boys play nice with him maybe he will want to make New England his home and stay awhile!

Would it premature to order a "Decker" Patriots Jersey? Asking for a friend!

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