Hopefully you're ready for some hot and sticky summer weather, because it's headed our way later this week.

According to WMTW Meteorologist Ted McInerney, we can expect to see temperatures soar in the the 80 later this week, with an expected high of 89 degrees on Wednesday. But wait...there's even better news for those who love the hot and sticky weather. On Saturday, temperatures will be in the 90s in many parts of Maine. But it's the "heat index" that's catching everyone's attention (that's a reflection of how it will actually feel, when you take the humidity into account). You can expect it to feel like 101 in Portland, 101 in Lewiston, and 103 in Fryeburg!


Over at WMUR in New Hampshire, it's looking even hotter. Their weather page currently shows a high of 99 on Saturday...and that's an actual temperature, not the heat index!

So wherever you are in Northern New England this week, make sure you stay hydrated, and keep that sunblock handy, cause you're gonna need it!

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