The Sarah C. was a fishing vessel that rests in the water off Barter's Island Road that becomes submerged as the tide rises ever since her wooden hull started to leak.

On a recent trip to the Boothbay Harbor area, Nicholas LaRiviere of Firefly Aerial Solutions spotted the boat in the water and got some beautiful photography and video from one of his drones.

According to The Boothbay Register, the Sarah C. was built in 1959 and is owned by Myron McLellan. It now rests on the bottom of the Back River near a bridge on Barter's Island Road unable to float, but still in shallow enough water to be spotted by passersby.

As the tide comes in, the water rises up over the boat to cover all of it except for the wheelhouse. We weren't able to learn why the boat remains there. Perhaps it's just too expensive to salvage? Whatever the reason, it certainly gets your attention at high tide.

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