Let's face it. Living in Maine ain't easy in the wintertime.

  • It's friggin' cold out.
  • The roads and sidewalks are a mess. We track that mess into the house with our boots.
  • Winter in Maine also feels like it's never gonna end. I know we're only about a month and half in, But I'm sorry. If it could be done with it right now, I would be very ok with that.
  • The days are wicked short. Although now that February is here, it's getting hopeful with a little more light when the work is done.

Winter in Maine is at least 4 months of desperately longing for the warmth of the sun and weekends sitting in the backyard listening to the birdies sing again.

Am I the only one whining about this right now? I doubt it.

You might now be saying..."Gu, why don't move to Florida or something if you hate winter so much?" Well my answer to that of course is..."I believe if you don't suffah the wintah, you don't deserve the summah." My Nana instilled that into my psyche.

So I'd rather just bitch about winter and ask Why do we still live here year after year, only to suffah.?" Meanwhile, I'll just keep dreaming of another beautiful spring and summer and lie to myself that warm weather will be here before we know it.

Or I could maybe get creative like these wacky Mainers and get out there and have a little fun.

Steve Mcdonough of Rockwood posted this popular video to Facebook a couple years ago.

All you need is a tow rope, some skis and a golf cart. This is maybe the best example of making the most out of the brutal Maine winter we've ever seen.

Watch this wicked fun video of a Mainer being pulled around the yard. Yessuh. Send it!

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