On today’s episode of “Things You’ve Never Seen Before”, Maine snowplows conducted a beautiful version of "The Nutcracker" ballet, kind of by accident.

Well, I don’t know your life, maybe you’ve seen snowplows doing ballet but I highly doubt it.

While listening to “The Nutcracker” by George Balanchine on Spotify, Office Mike Brennan’s dash cam captured this mechanized ballet that looks like an orchestrated ballet performed by the snowplows.

The Bangor Maine Police Department shared the winter debut on Facebook with views from front-row seats. What looks to be just trucks roaming around quickly gets turned into a routine with the music playing in the background.

There’s something just so funny about grown adults, especially men, doing something like this that brings about a childlike wonder. The stage of the performance was the Bangor International Airport and I can’t quite figure out what was going on there.

They don’t seem to be plowing anything, so what is this little synchronized movement? What are they doing? Are they just having fun? Whatever the point, they put on one hell of a ballet performance when you have “The Nutcracker” playing in the background.

I used to go see the actual Nutcracker ballet at Merrill Auditorium every year in the wintertime but this right here might have to become the next annual event. Next year, we can all come together at the Bangor International Airport and watch a mechanized ballet with snowplows.

It doesn’t get much more “Maine” than that.

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